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WorkWave’s Online Reviews Platform Empowers Field Service Companies to Generate More Leads and Close More Sales

Empowers field service companies to control their online reputation.

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WorkWave, a provider of cloud-based software solutions recently announced its new Online Reviews platform, with updated features and functionality that allow field service companies of all sizes to generate more leads and close more sales.

The new platform enables companies to gather and respond to reviews online, as well as collect valuable insights they can act upon based on the ability to match the reviewer to its customer account within the WorkWave PestPac application –  a unique, unmatched feature for the field service industry.

According to a recent WorkWave survey of over 150 pest control companies, online reviews, word of mouth, and referrals from existing customers are among the top three ways that these companies are winning new customers. Online reviews is designed to support these three key buyer behaviors.

“Consumers today don’t just trust word of mouth anymore – before doing business with any new company, they check online reviews to make sure they are working with a partner they can trust. With WorkWave’s new Online Reviews solution directly integrated into WorkWave field service solutions, companies can easily take control of their online reputation, to both protect themselves and generate the recognition they deserve,” said David F. Giannetto, CEO of WorkWave. “Our customers who have been using the previous Online Reviews platform have seen great success growing their business, and we are excited to bring the field service industry even more powerful and intelligent tools that stay ahead of their competition and generate new sales.” 

Michele Smith of Dial Environmental, a current Online Reviews customer, says, “reviews are a trust signal. When you have more reviews, you’re more credible. With PestPac, reviews are an automatic thing that comes after the service. That’s the software doing that. We’re not doing that. It’s awesome.” Dial Environmental achieved a 4.7 Google review rating by generating more customer feedback, as well as 145 new Google reviews over an 18-month period. 

The updated Online Reviews platform empowers field service companies to: 

  • Make Informed Decisions through Actionable Reporting: Based on customer feedback collected from online reviews and surveys, the platform generates reports that provide critical insight into service performance, enabling businesses to make actionable decisions.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency Through Seamless Integration: The platform allows users to automatically send an email or text message after the service, requesting that the customer reviews the business online; review cards make it simple to manage all aspects of the review workflow in a single place as well as create a paper trail that ensures accountability.
  • Protect Their Companies Against Poor Reviews: Because the Online Reviews platform matches the reviewer to his or her account within PestPac, WorkWave Service, or PestPac Select, business owners can access the background information they need to respond to negative reviews based on their own understanding of the customer and their history with the company. 
  • Generate More Positive Reviews to Win New Customers: The mobile app functionality for Online Reviews enables technicians to engage with the customer while at the site to request and collect reviews immediately after job completion. Companies can also generate and send customer surveys, and then based on the responses, request for the positive ones to give a review online.
  • Retain Quality Employees by Collecting Customer Feedback: The reporting functionality within Online Reviews enables employers to create a more supportive work environment for all employees, because they see which employees deserve more recognition, as well as which employees might need some additional training. 

In an effort to empower its customers with the tools they need to generate more sales, WorkWave also recently launched Website Builder, which helps small businesses quickly generate more leads and sales with a website designed specifically for their company. WorkWave has taken the expense and complexity out of building company websites by creating an automated software tool that includes industry specific, preloaded images and layouts to create a website in just a few minutes – no web development experience required.

With WorkWave’s solutions that empower its customers to generate more sales, business owners have a leg up on the competition, especially within today’s highly digital landscape. By generating more reviews and customer feedback, and by prioritizing how a brand communicates with customers online through its website, businesses can gather constructive information on how to better run their business, instill trust in their customers and provide them with a better experience, and overall generate new sales.



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