Lawnbot Announces the Release of Its New Lawnbot Dashboard

Lawn care software developer launches a new digital hub for its clients to continue to innovate and automate their sales

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Lawnbot has released a new digital hub named “The Lawnbot Dashboard.” The new product gives it’s client one centralized location to view all of their digital inbound lead and sale data from their online ordering system, Lawnbot. Lawnbot clients will be able to view all of their lead and sale data in real time as customers shop on their website and view all of the data on map views to gain key insights into their marketing and sales channels.

This dashboard will be a tool for green industry businesses to use on a daily basis to close more sales in a shorter amount of time. For clients that use Real Green systems, there will even be an “Open in Real Green'' button that companies can open client records within Service Assistant 5 with the click of a button due to Lawnbot’s direct integration into Service Assistant.

“We have a motto here at Lawnbot to build what our clients want. This new product rollout is a direct reflection of our clients' feedback,” Lawnbot CEO and founder Kendall Hines said. “Now Lawnbot clients will be able to simply log into our dashboard and view and visualize their inbound digital sales channel in new exciting ways. This is a huge addition to our product family and will continue to elevate the automations that are possible using all of our Lawnbot products.”

The Lawnbot Dashboard is the first company facing product released from Lawnbot.

Lawnbot, the flagship online ordering software, is homeowner facing and adds online ordering functionality to green industry businesses websites and social channels.

“The dashboard is the first step in empowering Lawnbot clients to gain useful insights into their lead generation efforts and sales activity performance,” Lawnbot CTO and co-founder Erik Alburg added. “With this knowledge at their fingertips, we enable our clients to make better marketing and pricing decisions to help grow their business now and into the future.” 

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