Copperhead Trimmer Line and Accessories

Full line of commercial strength Copperhead trimmer line, parts and accessories among 9,500 items in Rotary's 2021 catalog

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A full line of commercial strength Copperhead trimmer lines, parts and accessories are highlighted in Rotary’s 2021 catalog. The catalog includes a special 30-page trimmer section and includes:

  • Copperhead trimmer line available in a wide assortment of loops, donuts or spools for optimal tensile and impact strength, flex life, wear resistance and performance in hot, cold, dry or wet conditions
  • Vortex, diamond-cut, quad-tex, premium quad and precut line varieties.
  • Assortment of fast loading trimmer heads, replacement spools, covers, housing and cam assemblies.
  • Popular commercial trimmer systems with professional bump-n-feed heads are available for easy line advancing and dual line indexing with durable nylon construction and a large capacity spool for easy release
  • The entire catalog may be downloaded in a PDF format at  
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