Weber State University Helps Sponsor Electric Mower Exchange

Weber State University is sponsoring a gas- to electric-powered lawn mower exchange.

Deseret News Utah
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Weber State University is partnering with several other groups to sponsor a lawn mower exchange for those who want to trade in their gas-powered lawn mower with an electric one.

Those who enter the “Cut Pollution—Mow Electric” lottery are selected through a randomized process to exchange their operable gas-powered mower for one of 762 Kobalt 40-volt cordless electric lawn mowers with mulching capability. Exchange participants pay $100 plus tax and a 3 percent credit card fee. Fee waivers are available for those in need. Typical retail price of the electric mower is $329.

Utah citizens who live in areas that regularly experience poor air quality as determined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are eligible for the program.

Those who want to participate can enter the lottery beginning March 1 and applications will be accepted throughout the month.

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