Husqvarna offering internship for candidates to chill with Automower

"Managers of Chilling" will engage with passersby to share information on the company's robotic mower.

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Husqvarna, a producer of outdoor power products and lawn care equipment recently announced its Smartest Summer Job campaign, which allows two college students to serve as “Managers of Chilling.”

To showcase its Automower robotic lawn mower, Husqvarna will select students to serve as to sit in a lawn chair at Zoo Miami and watch the robotic mower do all the work. As brand representatives, they will engage with passersby and on social media to share the key benefits of Automower.

“For Smartest Summer Job, we are looking for candidates who know how to work smarter, not harder,” says Michelle Sordi, Senior Director of Marketing for Husqvarna North America. “Automower is already keeping more than 1.5 million lawns around the world perfectly mowed at all times, and we’re excited to show people exactly what it can do. We’re offering candidates the chance to become experts in robotics so they can share this message while they hang out with Automower.”

The Managers of Chilling will be responsible for supervising the Automower for 10 days, documenting its progress via their personal social media channels and Husqvarna’s social media channels. Smartest Summer Job will run from July 15, 2019 to July 24, 2019, which includes travel days to and from Zoo Miami. The job will also include extensive robotics training from Husqvarna.

Equipped with an umbrella, a tall glass of water, their smart phones and this new-found knowledge, the Managers of Chilling will demonstrate the benefits of Automower from the comfort of a lawn chair on the beautiful Zoo Miami grounds.

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