New KIOTI Zero Turns Receive Rave Reviews

Residential customers say the new mowers save time and are easy to use

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As the first, highly-anticipated KIOTI ZTRs are being delivered to customers across North America, the mowers are receiving enthusiastic accolades. Some of the first residential models were sold in Texas, New York and Pennsylvania, and the new owners say they are “durable and comfortable,” “fun to use,” and “saving valuable time.”

“We looked at other brands for quite some time but, in the end, nothing compared to what KIOTI had to offer.” After such a great experience with their KIOTI UTV, the Fehr’s decided to go check out the new KIOTI ZTR.

“The size and durability of the deck immediately caught our attention,” said Elizabeth Fehr of Amarillo, Texas. “The KIOTI ZXR60SE had everything we wanted and now, there’s no way we’d buy anything else.”

“We’ve gone through so many mowers. Unfortunately, none gave us the clean straight mow that we want, until this ZTR,” she said. “We’ve even spread the word to our neighbors—get a KIOTI ZTR and you will never turn back.”

ZTRs are known for efficiency industry-wide and the KIOTI models are no different, but the 12 easy-to-operate models also offer a fun and comfortable ride. Mark Cross and his family are finding that on their eight-acre property in Schodack Landing, NY. 

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“For a year, I read up on other ZTR’s and looked at review,” Cross said. “Ironically, I bought a ZTR with no reviews because I had such a great experience with my KIOTI CK2610 compact tractor.”

Mowing four-acres usually takes four hours. With the KIOTI, he says it takes about an hour and a half.

“It’s an easy, comfortable, fun job,” Cross said. “Honestly, I haven’t even really used it. My wife does all the mowing. She loves it so much, that our lawn has looked like a golf course ever since we got the KIOTI ZXR54SE.”

The Keefers are saving time on their homestead, too.

“Typically, it takes me two-and-a-half hours to push mow our property. My husband said it was high time to save me some time and we started looking at zero turn mowers,” said Ashley Keefer of Millmont, PA. “We love our CK35 compact tractor, so when we heard KIOTI came out with a ZTR we had to check it out.” 

During the test drive, the Keefers found the ZXC54SE was easy to use and the seat was really comfortable.

“We looked at other brands but, in the end, KIOTI was for us. And now, when it only takes me 45 minutes to mow the property, I know we made the right choice,” Keefer said.

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