Kubota Unveils Next Generation of SZ Series

Upgrades to SZ Series includes adjustable baffles, tires and improved serviceability.

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Kubota Tractor Corp.
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Kubota Tractor Corporation has updated its SZ Series commercial stand-on mowers with four new models.

The new SZ-2 models (SZ19NC-36-2, SZ22NC-48-2, SZ26NC-52-2, and SZ26NC-61-2) will replace the original line of Kubota SZ mowers and are currently available at Kubota dealerships nationwide. Improvements to the SZ Series deliver adjustable cutting deck baffles, enhanced serviceability, and increased tire performance.

“The updates to the SZ Series provide landscapers the ability to dial in their mower’s performance to best suit their jobsite’s conditions, while simultaneously making the equipment more durable and easier to service,” said Tom Vachal, Kubota senior turf product manager. “The next generation of SZ Series mowers are a result of Kubota’s commitment to delivering the best possible purpose-built products to commercial landscapers.”

The new models feature improvements throughout while maintaining the same horsepower and deck size configurations as previous models. One of the most notable upgrades to the SZ Series is the inclusion of adjustable cutting deck baffles to the 48-, 52 and 61-inch models. The new baffles allow operators to adjust the air intake of the cutting deck, which affects the quality of the cut and how well the clippings are directed into the bag, out the discharge chute, or onto the ground as mulch. Also new for the next generation of SZ mowers are 23-inch Zero T tires, which feature a unique tread pattern that provides a great balance between handling, grip, and reduced turf impact.

The company says  serviceability of the SZ series was improved  by making key areas of the cutting deck easier to access during service. In addition,  the hydraulic fluid reservoir was positioned inside the body of the mower, which  helps protect the system and reduces potential leak points, further improving serviceability and reducing equipment downtime. 

All the Kubota SZ Series mowers are equipped with Kawasaki FX and FT EFI commercial engines and hydro-gear transmissions. The SZ Series mowers have a low center of gravity and travel at speeds up to 11 mph depending on the model.  Lastly, Kubota says adjustable controls, an ergonomic cushion pad and large operator stations provide a comfortable and an intuitive experience for operators across the entire SZ line of mowers.