U.S. Lawns Offering Dealer Referral Program

Dealers/suppliers can earn up to $2,000 when they refer a customer who then becomes a U.S. Lawns franchisee.

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U.S. Lawns has announced a new dealer referral program. The company is now offering equipment dealers/suppliers $2,000 credit towards a vacation of their choice if a referred candidate purchases a franchise. In addition, $150 is being offered for each referred candidate who fills out a financial application.

“Our franchise growth has continued to trend upwards the past few years, despite the challenges created by the economy,” said Brandon Moxam, U.S. Lawns director of franchise recruiting. “Much of this can be (attributed) to the success we have in the conversion market. Professional equipment dealers have relationships with the individuals we are looking to talk to, and the new referral program provides incentive for these suppliers to put their candidates in contact with us.”