Grieving Mother Offered Free Lawn Care For Life

Two young owners of a new landscape company aim to help mother deal with loss of son by mowing her lawn, free of charge.

Joshua Mariscal and Jeremy Salinas did what thousands and thousands of other young men and women have done over the years: They started their own landscaping business. This entrepreneurial spirit is what helps makes this and every other industry go round. It’s what Joshua and Jeremy have done recently, though, that’s a reminder of the many good things Green Industry Pros do for people in their communities all of the time.

A grieving mother, who lost her son in an auto accident, was offered free lawn mowings for life by Joshua and Jeremy, the owners of The Lawn Enforcers. The two had known this mother’s son since the sixth grade.

“We’re not rich guys,” Joshua said. “This is something we felt like we could do.”

See the original story via KGBT-TV in Texas.