Sacramento Sting Nabs Landscaping Thieves

Stakeout leads to arrest of two men allegedly seen stealing tools off a local landscaper’s parked trailer.

In Roseville, CA, roughly 20 miles northeast of Sacramento, law enforcement officials have said enough is enough with respect to a rise in landscape trailer-related thefts.

The Roseville Police Department identified areas of town where these types of thefts are more likely to happen. While on a stakeout one morning, an officer observed a suspicious car driving through a neighborhood. Eventually, two men emerged from the car and marched toward a parked landscaping trailer. They reportedly took some of the landscaper’s tools and drove off.

The car was later pulled over. One man was taken into custody but the second man fled on foot. He was later apprehended.

The landscaper’s tools were then returned to him.

One more for the good guys.

Original Story from CBS Sacramento.