HILARIOUS: Bear Steals Landscaper's Lunch

Apparently mowers and hand tools aren’t the only things landscapers have to keep an eye on these days.

Yogi Bear Lunch Box

So this is what it has come to. After years of worrying that some cutthroat competitor might waltz in and steal an important account, or some dirtbag criminal might steal some tools and equipment off of a parked trailer, now a landscape contractor has to worry about creatures of the wild stealing his lunch—right out of his truck, no less.

A crew from a Colorado landscape company was doing work in a customer’s backyard. When the workers broke for lunch, they were shocked to see that a bear had climbed into the truck to scarf down a couple sandwiches.

Check out the video

The lesson?  Always roll up your windows and lock your doors when parking an unattended vehicle. And if you’re going to leave a lunch in the front seat, pack it in a Yogi Bear lunch box, which might better deter a bear that’s thinking about stealing it.