Watch Out for Mowers along Roadways

Mowing along roadways can be a danger job, if people in traffic do not respect the workers mowing.

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Springtime means time for cutting grass. 

Redstone’s mowing contractor often must get near Arsenal roadways to cut and trim grass and vegetation. This situation requires the cooperation of vehicle operators, motorcyclists and bicyclists to use caution.

When it's safe to do so or a multi-lane road—if you see a mower along the edge of the roadway—move into an adjacent lane. Full width mowing, or areas that require more than one pass to complete mowing, are mowed to make sure the strip nearest to the travel lane is mowed last and against the flow of traffic.

Besides large bat-wing mowers with fold out mowing decks, roads and grounds workers will use weed eaters to trim around signs, fences and other objects that a large mower cannot get to. Be vigilant for these workers. They watch out for traffic, and people driving on the road need to do the same.

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