Service Autopilot Makes a Drastic Upgrade to Their Software

With three diferent softwear upgrade phases, Version 3 is set to launch Feb. 21

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Service Autopilot​ recently announced a brand new version of  its software, Service Autopilot V3. Designated as V3, it is set to launch in three distinct phases, with the first release scheduled to go live on Feb. 21. It is the most extensive update in the past five years.

V3 ​ has been built with the lawn care and landscaping industry in mind so that they can streamline and automate their everyday processes. The purpose of this software is to provide lawn and landscape owners with an all-in-one software solution. 

Service Autopilot’s V3 is an evolving upgrade that will roll out over the first half of 2020. The V3 release will give SA Members a more simplified, consistent version of the software—which will make it easier to utilize the more advanced parts of the system. 

The phased release gives users the ability to familiarize themselves with each component little by little, and truly maximize its value. SA users will be able to run both V2 and V3 side-by-side, with the ability to toggle between versions whenever they want. 

Here’s what to expect in the three upcoming phases: 

Phase 1

In the Phase 1 release, sweeping enhancements to the "core" make it easier to customize and edit designs. SA Members will be able to quickly create new, user-friendly forms to more easily get leads and win estimates. The update includes multi-page forms and logic for creating separate paths, so users can make one form that works for both residential and commercial clients. 

Also in Phase 1, the team app will receive new functionality. V3 forms will now be accessible and changeable within the app. Additionally, two-way form changes remove the need for double-entry (i.e. form changes made in the app will automatically update their main office account and vice versa). Plus, employees can add services and products to their client’s account in the app. 

The last main update in Phase 1 completely re-imagines accounting within SA to provide a much cleaner, streamlined user interface. Members will be able to drag and drop columns, use common filters, and customize their view to match their business’s needs. 

Phase 2

In the second release, slated for late March 2020, workflows are being improved across the board. SA Members will navigate through leads, clients, jobs, and contracts with more of a seamless user experience. Changes include a new job scheduling wizard, a new activity streams that  ties together all account details in one panel; segmented property measurements with custom fields; a  new pin drop allows you to tie information back to a specific point on a property; updated client account screens with cleaner, easier-to-read dashboards and relabeling of jobs as visits.

Phase 3

The most-requested change in Phase 3 is the new email Integration in SAV3. Members will be able to start sending and receiving emails and have the ability to track them using SA's ticketing system.

Also the dispatch board (now called routes) provides a much faster, more organized view of the day. Routes are organized by teams or individuals. When clicking on a route, SA users can see a detailed view of all the visits assigned to them each day. 

Finally, Phase 3 introduces a brand-new ticketing system. A virtual communication hub tracks and ties together emails, job notes, events, jobs, and estimates pertaining to one particular topic in one convenient place.