LMN, SiteOne Come Together in Partnership

LMN software will integrate to allow users to load and price directly from SiteOne

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LMN has announced a new partnership with SiteOne Landscape Supply to help users run their business more efficiently. With LMN’s SiteOne integration, users can access several new features that will create a seamless experience between both platforms,.

  • Users can log into their SiteOne account from their LMN dashboard.
  • Contractors have the option to select materials from the SiteOne catalog to update and import into LMN.
  • Pricing from SiteOne is contractor specific.

“The SiteOne integration is exciting and incredibly beneficial for our LMN users,” said Mark Bradley, CEO and Co-founder of LMN. “Allowing an easier way for LMN users to update their materials and pricing directly with SiteOne keeps us on target to help landscape businesses grow in 2021.”

The integration allows users to order directly from their local SiteOne branch within their LMN account. Materials uploaded from SiteOne to the LMN dashboard will be readily available for contractors to adjust the description, shipping, warranty factors, and markups to determine the price to charge customers and keep estimates profitable.

“We are thrilled to be working with LMN, another leader in the green industry,” said SiteOne CEO Doug Black. “Together we hope to make 2021 the best year yet for landscape and lawn care professionals in the U.S.”