Diamond Mowers Releases New Drum Mulcher

Diamond Mowers introduced a new open drum mulcher: the SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X.

SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X
SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X
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Drum Mulcher OD Pro X2SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro XDiamond MowersDiamond Mowers introduced a new open drum mulcher: the SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X.

The mulcher features an innovative design that fuses open drum versatility with depth control precision. Ideal for users requiring power and flexibility for harsh mulching needs, this easy-to-operate tool is made for a wide range of heavy-duty applications from land clearing and vegetation management to utility and roadside maintenance. It is strategically engineered to allow heavy ground engagement for maximum productivity while producing a smaller finished product than conventional open drum models. 

Designed to process material up to 9 inches in diameter continuously, this new drum is differentiated in the marketplace by its optimized infeed system. Directional rake tines deflect vegetation back to the rotor and shredding chamber for smaller mulch after the first pass. Optimum shredding performed in the drum chamber reduces the need for back-dragging and produces a uniform mulch with a smaller particle size than typical open drum options.

Available in 60- and 72-inch cutting widths, the OD Pro X accommodates three tooth options, allowing users to interchange teeth for different applications, all while maintaining drum balance.

Other product features include:

  • Variable displacement piston motor
  • Severe-duty bearings rated to 77,000-plus pounds and protected by a labyrinth design and triple steel ring seals
  • Replaceable, abrasion-resistant AR 400 liner to minimize wear
  • Chain guard to protect the operator and machine from flying debris


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