2015 Truck & Trailer Preview

New trucks and trailers for 2015 that can help contractors get to the job and get the job done.

Landscape contracting can be a tricky business rife with uncertainties and other factors far beyond a typical contractor’s control. Given these challenges, it can be easy to forget that completing jobs is only part of the battle. Safely and efficiently getting to the job is also very important—especially when considering how unbillable time and fuel both cost money, lots of money.

Truck and trailer manufacturers continue to develop new technologies and products to help landscape contractors in this regard. For instance, aluminum trailers that are lighter weight can lead to less corrosion and added durability, increased payloads and better gas mileage.

Speaking of gas mileage, vehicle manufacturers have maintained their focus here as well. For instance, Ram has greatly increased production of its 1500 EcoDiesel pickup trucks to a level roughly double its initial projection. Other truck makers, such as Ford, are also focused on fuel economy, along with performance specs such as horsepower, torque and towing capability—all critically important to landscape contractors hauling equipment, materials and debris.

Here's a look at some new products for 2015.

Ford's 2015 F-150 is the toughest, smartest, and most capable ever

Ram ramps up 1500 EcoDiesel production

Sprinter Van redesigned from inside out

Aluma's cozy aluminum tilt trailer

Rugby's redesigned aluminum dump body

Crysteel E-Tipper dump bodies for lighter-duty applications

Polymer DumperDogg Inserts from Buyers Products