Vermeer Rolls Out SC1052 Stump Cutter

Vermeer added the SC1052 stump cutter, designed for tree care professionals looking to maximize productivity on challenging jobs.

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Vermeer added the SC1052 stump cutter, designed for tree care professionals looking to maximize productivity on challenging jobs.

“The Vermeer SC1052 stump cutter is the next generation of large stump cutters,” said Josh Vrieze, senior product manager for Vermeer Environmental Equipment. “Diesel emission regulations impacted the production of 100-plus hp stump cutters, including our popular Vermeer SC1152 stump cutter unit. To fill this void in the market, our team designed a new economic gas engine model that will meet the performance levels tree care professionals expect. The SC1052 complements many of our customers' gas engine fleets, as they have started operating more gas-powered chippers and trucks in recent years.”

Features of the product includes:

  • It can remove many stumps efficiently and grinds large stumps with minimal repositioning.
  • Featuring a 115-hp Origin 4.3-L gas engine with an 18-gallon fuel tank, the exclusive Vermeer cutting system (VCS) and SmartSweep control system, the SC1052 is the largest cutter in the Vermeer product line.
  • With the ability to cut up to 31 inches high and 25 inches below the surface, and a straight-line cutting width of 72 inches and can remove a 6-foot stump without repositioning.
  • It's outfitted with the new VCS that solves many challenges associated with traditional cutting systems. Rather than using a bolt to secure teeth to the cutter wheel, the VCS has a mounting and retention structure that helps keep teeth from shifting in the pocket and absorbs the shearing force while operating. In addition, two-sided carbide V-profile cutter teeth help optimize the cutting performance of the stump cutter and can be flipped to the other side of the cutter wheel for an extended wear life.
  • The SC1052 is just 35 inches  wide without its dual wheels. That means it can fit through a standard residential 36-inch gate.
  • The SC1052 can also traverse difficult and uneven ground conditions thanks to its full-time, four-wheel drive system and differential lock.
  • Once in place, the cylinder and linkage bar design of the SC1052 helps to position the cutter wheel out and away from the machine as the boom drops. This gives operators a wide cutting range and minimizes the need to reposition.
  • While cutting, the Vermeer SmartSweep control system monitors engine load to provide a smooth and consistent cutter wheel sweep rate and helps minimize wear and tear on the machine.
  • Once cutting is done, a 34-inch hydraulic chip blade helps pile or spread chips for fast and efficient cleanup.
  • The SC1052 has access panels that can be removed with no tools required.
  • Like other Vermeer stump cutters, the SC1052 is beltless, so users won’t have to think about replacing a belt.
  • Designed with operator safety in mind, the SC1052 control handles have operator-sensing capabilities that will disengage the cutter wheel if a user steps away from the controls during operations.
  • Optional accessories include a remote for propel, boom and steering function control and telematics to help with fleet maintenance.
  • Plus, the Vermeer Confidence Plus asset protection program can be added for peace of mind. 
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