Scotts Launches Free App to Help Homeowners Manage Lawns

My Lawn helps users devise a customized seeding, feeding, watering and management plan.

Scotts has launched a free mobile app, My Lawn, designed to help homeowners create customized lawn care plans. A user simply tells the app a little bit about their lawn, and the app analyzes that data to devise a personalized plan that includes seeding, fertilizing and watering advice, along with product recommendations.

App users also receive automated, weather-conscious recommendations when their lawn needs a feeding or seeding. My Lawn also provides a recent and forecasted precipitation gauge for proper watering recommendations. Plus, if the user misses a feeding, the app automatically adjusts the personalized plan to get him or her right back on track.

Other My Lawn features include:

  • Live chat — users can directly connect to a Scotts representative
  • Mulch calculator — know the right amount of mulch to lay to get maximum results
  • Weed identifier — find out what is growing in the yard and how to treat it
  • Seasonally relevant lawn tips — a year's worth of gardening tips to grow and maintain a lawn
  • Grass seeding projects — the app walks the user through the process with watering recommendations and timing of milestones, from early germination to seed success.

Check out more information at the Scotts website.