Quick How-to Guide for Marketing to Lawn and Landscaping Customers

SingleOps put together a handy marketing guide specifically for lawn and landscaping contractors.

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I’ve worked in and with a lot of green industry professionals. I do know one person who got into this as a marketer first and a green pro second. But I only know that one. Most of us got into this industry because we love being outside, watching things grow, and genuinely enjoy helping others.

“Marketing” and “advertising” are necessary evils for many. You know you’ve got to “do” them to grow your business, but it’s becoming increasingly complex. How do you know where to spend money? What’s a good investment, and what’s a waste? 

At SingleOps, we are committed to helping you succeed as a business. To that end, we’ve created a free resource to help you with your marketing. This Green Industry Marketing Guide will help you identify your target audience, prioritize your spending, create great ads, plan your marketing for the year, and keep track of how well it’s working. 

There are even corresponding blog articles to accompany each section of this guide. 


  • Part 1: Who is my customer? - Helps you identify who you should be sending your ads to, so you’re not wasting your time or money. 
  • Part 2: Brand Awareness v. Lead Generation & Media Buying - Discusses the difference between creating awareness and making the phone ring, plus gives you tips on buying media like TV, radio, and billboard advertising. 

Print AdsSingleOps

  • Part 3: Best Practices for Print Advertising - This post helps you create compelling, impactful print ads, direct mailers, and online display ads. 
  • Part 4: SEO and Email Marketing - We discuss what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means, questions you should ask your vendors, and best practices for email marketing. 

Social MediaSingleOps

  • Part 5: Social Media and Paid Online Ads - In this post, we’ll discuss how to prioritize which social media platforms you spend time with, whether to pay for ads on those platforms, and other online ads like Google Ads. 
  • Part 6: Putting It All Together - As we wrap up this series, we show you how to plan out your marketing campaigns for the year, track and measure results, and evaluate what worked so you can plan for the following year. 

We designed the Green Industry Marketing Guide to help you keep your efforts on track throughout the year. It’s a resource to remind you of what you should be focusing on, what questions to ask, and how to keep from losing sight of this critical part of growing your business. 

We hope this helps you grow your business, give people in your community a career path, establish new relationships, and create a more beautiful world.