Be Happy and Healthy at Work in the New Year

Interior plants provide workers with an emotional, mental boost that leads to worker efficiency and productivity.

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More exercise, healthier eating and quality family time are common New Year’s resolutions. Often these resolutions fall by the wayside because work gets in the way. But what if the workplace can help employees with health, happiness and mental stimulation?

It can! Keeping Plants in Mind, a new video from the Pinnacle V group, shows how live plants in the office, lobby and surrounding work environment can improve the health and wellness of employees. It promotes the ideals of the Well Building Standard that parallels well-known LEED standards, but focuses on the health and well-being building inhabitants.

Studies show that working in an office environment with interior plants and greenery not only improves people’s cognitive ability but also the following:

  • Productivity is raised by 12 percent
  • Creativity is increased by 6 percent
  • Respiratory ailments are reduced by 20 percent
  • Sick day absentees declined by 60 percent.

Because plants and greenery are for everyone, this video is designed for everyone, the Pinnacle V group says. Take this video and post it on your website, social media and other outlets to promote Well Building Standards and healthier, happier employees.