Mecalac Debuts New Line of 6 Compact Loaders

Mecalac, a manufacturer of compact construction equipment, has launched a new product line of compact loaders to the North American market.

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Mecalac, a manufacturer of compact construction equipment, has launched a new product line of compact loaders to the North American market.

Comprised of six models, including the MCL2, MCL4, MCL4+, MCL6, MCL6+ and MCL8, the series offers performance for industries ranging from agriculture to landscape, forestry, snow removal, utility and construction. New hydraulic and maneuverability options, such as M-Drive and Speed Control, promote versatility of the machines in terms of both application and industry.

“Time and space to complete jobs is increasingly limited,” said Peter Bigwood, general manager for Mecalac North America. “To enable our customers to be more productive, we developed a line of compact loaders the size of a skid steer but with features and functionality not found on other machines this size. Whether being used in agriculture to push silage or as a replacement for a compact track loader on a construction site, these multifunctional loaders provide unparalleled versatility for growth and tackling new applications.”

The M-Drive and speed control features allow the loader to function as a tool carrier, providing control of RPM by hand throttle and speed via a foot pedal. This enables controlled operation of a wide variety of hydraulic attachments.

The ability to redefine the speed range via the foot pedal provides supplemental benefits for particular applications. For example, choosing a lower speed allows for supporting various applications, such as flail mowing, sweeping or when using log grapple attachments. Both Speed Control and M-Drive come standard on the MCL6 and MCL8 models and are options for the MCL2 and MCL4 models.

Each MCL in the series has an option for auxiliary hydraulic lines on the boom and at the rear of the machine, as well as 12V three-pole plugs, allowing the ability to use hydraulic attachments on either end of the machine. The MCL series maximizes attachment possibilities with 7.9 gpm flow on the MCL2 and MCL4 models and 15.9 gpm flow on the MCL6 and MCL8 models.

The MCL4+ and MCL6+ models come standard with a short boom, whereas the other four models come with a long­ ­­(standard) boom, which maximizes tipping height. Long or short boom, the MCL series machines yield multifunctionality through compatibility with a wide range of attachments from pallet forks and multi-purpose buckets to augers, mowers and snow blades.

Landscape contractors with mini loaders can use Mecalac’s quick-coupling technology to pair augers, mowers, loader buckets and more. With its hydraulic and electric auxiliary lines, the MCL series can be used for snow removal because a snow blade can be mounted on the front and a salt spreader on the rear of the machine.

The MCL series’ height-to-width-to-length ratio promotes agility on jobsites. Each machine has a 45-degree articulation that keeps the front wheels traveling in the same path as the rear wheels while driving. A 10-degree oscillation allows a stong follow up and maximum traction wherever the machine might travel, including on uneven ground. The MCL2 and MCL4 models have a 25-hp engine, with travel speeds up to seven mph for the MCL2 and 12 mph for MCL4 and 4+. The remaining models come with a 49-hp engine and travel up to 12 mph with an included option for travel speeds up to 19 mph.

Each machine in the MCL series offers transportability between jobsites with low transport weight, which ranges between 3,836 pounds and 6,283 pounds and minimal width (ranging from 3 feet, 4 inches to 4 feet, 4 inches) depending on tire selection. Transportability supports contractors hauling multiple pieces of equipment as well as rental fleets handling pickup and delivery.

The MCL series features an accessible cab or re-fueling from a solid ground footing, reducing the risk of falls. Additionally, the machines offer side and top visibility over similar sized skid steers.

Customization options for the MCL series allow customers to tailor the machine to their specific operation. A startup digicode incorporates a keypad that offers the owner tracking and monitoring capabilities by allowing the ability to assign a specific code for each operator. The digicode also minimizes the risk of theft. Each machine is available in three versions—canopy, canopy with foldable top or a cab version—in combination with a wide selection of attachments, which drives versatility and customization capabilities for individual operations.

Finally, MyMecalac Connected services offer the option to remotely manage an equipment fleet with access to all machine usage data, providing owners the information needed to minimize machine downtime through preventive maintenance. Operators can add the telematics box installation, which comes with a two-year subscription, to any MCL model they choose. 

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