Kioti Tractor Adds New Compact Track Loader, Skid-Steer Loader

Kioti Tractor launched the TL750 Compact Track Loader and SL750 Skid-Steer Loader.

TL750 Compact Track Loader
TL750 Compact Track Loader
Kioti Tractor

Kioti Tractor launched the TL750 Compact Track Loader and SL750 Skid-Steer Loader.

"Kioti's entrance to the compact market arrives at a pivotal time for both our company and the industry. Compact sales exploded over the last decade, with no signs of slowing down," said Justin Moe, product manager, construction division, Kioti Tractor. "Our customers are part of this demand, seeking compact equipment for everything from acreage management to worksite applications. With the TL750 and SL750, we are meeting this demand, leveraging 35 years of experience and extensive customer feedback to deliver proven, durable machines that are built to power through tough jobs."

Features of the machines include:

  • Both machines feature a wide cabin, available with the standard open station design or an optional enclosed cab with HVAC for added comfort. With customer needs top of mind, the compact models include a high-back suspension seat and LCD digital display.
  • The standard roll-up style door allows for easy entrance and exit, regardless of the position of the bucket or attachment.
  • The overhead door design increases flexibility on the job as operators can work with the door open or closed.
  • The design enhances machine visibility to the front, sides and rear.
  • The standard rearview camera, seamlessly integrated into the LCD digital display, offers an on-demand rear view when traveling in reverse or with the push of a button, enhancing job site awareness and safety.
  • The models feature premium LED front and rear work lights as a standard offering, further enhancing visibility when operating in low-light conditions.
  • Activated with the switch of a button, the standard self-leveling feature automatically keeps the bucket or attachment in a horizontal plane when lifting. When enabled, the operator no longer needs to worry about manually adjusting the machine, reducing fatigue when handling materials. Additionally, optional ride control further reduces material spillage and lift arm movement when moving materials across the site for enhanced operator comfort.
  • Both models utilize a powerful 74-hp Kioti diesel engine. Field-tested and proven across applications, the engine delivers consistent power and reliability, providing added confidence when tackling tough jobs.
  • For a premium touch and feel, hydraulic pilot joystick controls offer the ultimate in maneuverability, delivering superior "featherability" and finite control. As a result, the machine feels like an extension of the operator, enabling precise work even in tight spaces or during complex tasks.
  • The fingertip controls allow the operator to easily utilize the attachment function from the joystick for a smooth and effortless operation.
  • Designed to lift, push and power through rigorous demands, the machines have up to a 10.8-foot height to hinge pin and vertical lift path. Among the top of the class in lift height for both machines, operators can easily dump materials into trucks and high-sided hoppers.
  • The solid-mounted undercarriage on the TL750 keeps the machine on the ground, improving grading performance, while the track design reduces the chance of de-tracking. Other features include protected hose routing and the open track system, further enhancing durability and minimizing downtime.
  • For improved machine maintenance, the swing-out rear radiator allows the operator to better reach common service items by removing two bolts. The easy-to-lift cab and quick access to fittings and valves further simplify serviceability.
  • The compact models feature Kioti's standard three-year, 3,000-hour warranty.
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