Develon Intros DX100W-7 Mini Wheel Excavator

Develon rolled out the the DX100W-7 mini wheel excavator for navigating cramped, congested urban jobsites.

DX100W-7 Mini Wheel Excavator
DX100W-7 Mini Wheel Excavator
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Develon rolled out the the DX100W-7 mini wheel excavator for navigating cramped, congested urban jobsites. 

The DX100W-7 is compact and agile, capable of reaching speeds up to 24 mph. It features a spacious cab, with low noise and vibration levels paired with all-around visibility.

“The new DX100W-7 is the first mini wheel excavator from Develon in North America and helps our customers take on confined job sites where space is limited,” said Andy Jeong, mini excavator product manager and compact engineer, Develon. “It has several features and technologies for excellent performance, efficiency and high-end comfort. We’re excited to continue to expand our compact equipment line, which now includes the DX100W-7 and DX17Z-7 mini excavators and, in July, the DTL35 compact track loader.”


The new DX100W-7 is equipped with steering, power and work modes to help operators customize their performance to move and work within confined spaces. The three steering modes include:

  • Two-wheel: Provides agility and handling
  • Four-wheel crab: Offers precision and maneuverability in tight spaces without the need to reposition the entire machine
  • Four-wheel round: Gives a tight turning radius, increased traction and control, especially on tough terrain

An articulated boom and boom swing also help in tight spaces. The reinforced articulated boom features an additional pivot point. The DX100W-7 has a 1.35-ton counterweight for digging and lifting performance. It also features a large hydraulic capacity, so it can hoist and maneuver heavy loads.

Operators can choose from four work modes and four power modes to customize power and performance to the task at hand.

  • Work modes: One-way mode, Two-way mode, Digging mode and Lifting mode
  • ​​​​​​​Power modes: Power+ mode, Power mode, Standard mode and Economy mode

For control, the standard one-way/two-way switch lever provides hydraulic flow that is activated through the joystick, not the pedal. One-way hydraulic flow is for using attachments, such as hydraulic breakers and plate compactors. Two-way hydraulic flow is for using hydraulic thumbs (clamps), rippers and grapples.


The DX100W-7 caters to tight spaces in roadway and urban environments. For example, operators don’t have to close a second lane of traffic when working.

The machine is equipped with a large boom that allows the wheel mini excavator to access hard-to-reach areas. It also helps operators achieve digging depth and height so they can tackle deep excavation projects or reach high elevations when loading or dumping materials.

In addition, the mini wheel excavator has a standard hydrostatic system that uses hydraulic fluid for responsive operation and control. By transferring power directly from the engine to the excavator wheels, the system provides high torque even at low speeds. The DX100W-7 mini wheel excavator reduces outside noise, absorbs vibrations and provides all-around visibility. The extra-large, full-length glass door offers entry and exiting as well as visibility from inside the cab. A fully adjustable heated air-suspension seat and heat and air conditioning come standard on the DX100W-7. Operators can adjust the telescoping tilt steering to customize their working position. A selectable control pattern switch gives operators the ability to change between ISO and BHL or “backhoe” patterns, depending on their preference. The pattern change valve is located beneath the floor cover.

Stability and service

Operators can work safely with the parallel dozer blade and independent rear outriggers (stabilizers). The dozer blade helps pull, push and mix materials, while the rear outriggers add stability and minimize damage to surfaces like asphalt.

Double tires come standard on the DX100W-7 and provide traction and agility on rough terrain. By distributing weight across multiple tires, the machine minimizes soil compaction while supporting performance on a range of terrains, including grass, gravel and asphalt. 

For visibility, the DX100W-7 comes standard with a high-illumination LED light system, including one additional working lamp. Also standard is the around view monitor (AVM) camera system with a 270-degree view, equipped with ultrasonic sensors. The sensors alert operators of nearby objects as they back up the machine.

A standard overload warning device is another safety feature and protects the machine against wear and tear. It warns operators when the excavator is approaching or exceeding its maximum load capacity or safe operating limits, helping minimize tipping or structural failures.

The DX100W-7 provides operators with access to maintenance points and service procedures. All filters are accessible from ground level.

MY Develon fleet management, a new digital platform for managing construction equipment, comes standard on the new machine. This equipment diagnostic tool is available on all -7 Series mini excavators and monitors the health, location and performance of Develon equipment from a  mobile app and website.

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