Landscape Adjustable Beam LED Wall Washer

Provides widespread landscape lighting to effectively wash out darkness and offer a safer outdoor space.

Wac Lighting Landscape Adjustable Beam Wall Wash Image

WAC Landscape Lighting has unveiled its Landscape Adjustable Beam LED Wall Washers.

  • Lumen output ranges from 200-1500 lumens with a range of 3W-25W of LED power with on-board integral brightness control
  • Continuously adjustable NEMA architectural beam distributions feature 3x4 (35”x60”) to 4x5 (60”x90”) to 5x6 (90”x120”) proportions and everything in-between, with uniform beam wash of light.
  • Multiple flexible options with various finishes including marine grade die-cast brass or corrosion resistant aluminum bronze or black; 2700K or 3000K CCTs; 12V or 120V; color and optical lenses; and tree and wall mounts.
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