Government Listening to Needs of Small Business

A House Agriculture Committee subcommittee has expressed concerns over the EPA's propensity to over-reach and move too quickly while seemingly disregarding or at least underestimating the financial effect some of its rulings have on small businesses and the communities they serve. The subcommittee did highlight the importance of conservation programs, saying that farmers in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed have indeed implemented sound practices to help reduce runoff and water quality. Now, what is needed going forward is improved communication and collaboration between the EPA and local farmers and ranchers -- so that environmental stewardship and natural resource conservation can happen in an effective, responsible way while also minimizing the effects those measures have on local small business. Wow, that almost makes too much sense. It's nice to see some bipartisan focus being placed on both the environment and small business. While the two sometimes appear to run contrary to one another, when done responsibly, as is the case in the Green Industry, the environment and small business help sustain each other. ~ Gregg Wartgow, editor in chief HOUSE SUBCOMMITTEE PRESS RELEASE