Husqvarna Expert Adds Industry-Leading Distinction

Cary Shepherd, a 20-year veteran of Husqvarna, receives Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) certification.

Cary Shepherd, a 20-year veteran of Husqvarna, a world leader in outdoor power equipment for forestry, lawn and garden care, recently completed the Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) program offered by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). The CTSP program certifies those who complete the program as tree care safety experts, thereby empowering and encouraging a culture of safety within that organization and across the industry as a whole.

Maintaining a Certified Treecare Safety Professional on staff means that this organization is committed to safe practices in arboricultural operations. CTSPs are kept abreast of the latest technological advances and regulatory activities affecting the industry through the TCIA safety network, and must commit to ongoing education in the safety field in order to maintain their certification. Because safety regulations and industry standards are continually evolving, the ongoing education requirement is vital to maintaining a legitimate safety program within a given company.

Cary has spent 20 years presenting chain saw safety and application training programs to groups across the United States. He is a CTSP, has three years experience as an Instructor with Forest Applications Training Inc., and is a Certified Trainer with the International Society for Performance Improvement. He has a Husqvarna Qualified Sawyer Instructor rating and his training qualifies for CEU’s with ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) and TCIA. Cary is a voting member of the ANSI-approved Accredited Standards Committee Z133 for Arboriculture Operations and is the Chair of the Chain Saw Sub Group.

The purpose of the CTSP program is to reduce work-related fatalities, injuries and illnesses overall, and completion of the program demonstrates a true commitment to improving the safety and well-being of tree care workers across the industry.

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