Cigarette Flicked from a Car Window Puts Lawn Care Provider out of Business

A cigarette landed in the back of the lawn care provider’s trailer, which was carrying landscaping equipment.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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Ralph Sambrano has a strong message for anyone who throws cigarettes out of their vehicle windows: “Don’t even think about doing that,” he said. “It can cause injury to people and their property.”

Sambrano, 51, was driving home from work on Saturday evening on Interstate 820 in Fort Worth, Texas, when it happened to him.

“I was in the middle lane and the car to the right, about two car lengths down in front of me, I saw someone throw a cigarette out of the window,” he said.

That cigarette landed in the back of his attached trailer that was carrying his lawn care equipment. He is an independent lawn care provider through the company Lawn Love.

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