Route4Me Announces New Program To Help MapPoint Users

Free onboarding program helps MapPoint users transition quickly and painlessly.

Route4Me, Inc. recently introduced a new onboarding program designed specifically to help Microsoft MapPoint users move to Route4Me.

“Our new onboarding program makes the transition to Route4Me quick and painless,” says Bjorn Orvar, the director of marketing.  “Every MapPoint user gets free onboarding and training from an assigned small business routing expert. Plus, they have a single point of contact throughout the process. Route4Me proprietary route sequence optimization engine has already eliminated over 40 billion wasted driving miles, making it ideal for today’s business owners.”

As an added incentive, Route4Me is also providing MapPoint users a free 7-day trial period—with no credit card needed. Businesses can take immediate advantage of Route4Me’s new program by calling 1-888-552-9045 or visiting the company’s newly created MapPoint center.

Route4Me's MapPoint program consists of four easy steps. The steps are:

  • Your Route4Me trial account is created and set-up
  • Route4Me helps you import your data from Map Point
  • A routing expert will plan your first routes by remote screen-sharing 
  • Route4Me opperators will train you, your employees and provide support through process for free

Once the onboarding is completed, former MapPoint users gain access to one of the most reachable customer support department in the route planning industry. Support options include live chat support, e-mail support, an extensive knowledge base with videos, weekly open question and answer sessions, and business hours phone support.

“Small businesses are often hesitant to make unnecessary software changes due to perceived costs and risks. The good news is that Route4Me works in a regular web-browser and on iPhone/Android devices, so businesses can now get state-of-the-art mapping and optimization software without fear that it won’t work on their existing office computers. The customer will never have to purchase a server,” said George Shchegelov, VP operations and co-founder.

Microsoft discontinued MapPoint in 2014 and is no longer offering map updates or improving optimization algorithms. Route4Me says that the program is simple and easy to use, it is available on the Mac, PC, iPhone, iPads, Android. Route4Me says that it optimally sequences routes of almost any size in seconds and geocodes tens of thousands of addresses in minutes.