Ambius Earns 39 Honors at AmericanHort’s International Plantscape Awards Ceremony

Recognition included 16 Platinum and 23 Gold Awards

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Ambius, the world’s largest interior landscaping company, took home 39 awards at this year’s AmericanHort’s International Plantscape Awards, in Columbus, Ohio. 

AmericanHort is North America’s largest organization of landscaping and horticultural professionals. The organization hosts the International Plantscape Awards annually, honoring outstanding interior plantscaping across North America. Projects are entered into one of 10 categories and then judged and awarded by veteran professional interior plantscapers.

Ambius’ installations ranging from living green walls and moss walls to replica and preserved designs, major renovations, and biophilic design were recognized at this year’s event. Overall interior landscaping projects range from offices to atriums, healthcare facilities, universities, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, transportation and convention centers, and cultural landmarks. Awards are presented to the lead project designer. The Ambius designers recognized are listed below.

While the beauty and aesthetic power of plants has long been recognized by businesses, incorporating plants and nature into indoor environments has never been more important to human health. In a 2018 study of 1,000 office workers, Ambius found that 35% spend a maximum of 15 minutes outside, excluding time spent commuting. An additional 13% spend a maximum of 30 minutes outside, while only 26% answered that they spend more than an hour outside each day.

Modern research shows that biophilic commercial spaces, those designed to connect humans with nature, can have dramatic health and wellness benefits, advancing the business through improved employee health, attendance, job satisfaction, and more. This is reflected in the rising prevalence of standards such as LEED, WELL Building, and FitWel, which all revolve around increasing the buildings abilities to positively impact the environment and health of its occupants.

“Helping our customers create spaces that enhance the well-being of people and highlight functional design has never been more important,” said John Myers, president and CEO of Rentokil North America, the parent company of Ambius. “We are honored to partner with our customers on these projects and are especially proud to receive recognition from our industry peers. These awards speak to the talent and vision of our designers, as well as our entire organization's commitment to world-class service.”

Ambius designers won in the following categories:


Atrium and Conservatory Category 

  • Brittany Vandervert, Ervin Industries 

Design Category 

  • Janice Nath, Hagewood Residence
  • Michelle Damron, Covermymeds 
  • Myrna Salgado, Baptist Miami Cancer Institute 
  • Myrna Salgado, Datran 
  • Laura Burns Lambert, Segment IO 
  • Laura Burns Lambert, Gusto 

Installation Category

  • Art Jimenez, Copper Blues Restaurant & Bar
  • Yuko Frazier, Scottsdale Fashion Square 

Living Wall Category 

  • Lisa Filipiak, Capital One Tech Incubator
  • Monica Desch Garrison, Hertz 65 East State Street 

Major Renovation Category

  • Toni Fitch, Texas Instruments Corporate 

Silk, Replica, & Preserved Category 

  • Art Jimenez, Meltmedia
  • Chris Karl, Anthem 
  • Diane O'Donnel, The Rec Room - It Was All A Dream 

Special Event & Holiday Category

  • Charlee Storner, Westport Plaza Street Festival Holiday
  • Charlee Storner, RGA 
  • Charlee Storner, Pierre Laclede 
  • Charlee Storner, Not Too Spooky 
  • Janice Nath, Marriott Pulse 
  • Lisa Filipiak, Toll Brothers Weatherstone 
  • Myrna Salgado, Adriene Arsht Center 
  • Roberto Soto, Software leader 


Design Category

  • Janice Nath, Viasat
  • Myrna Salgado, Brightline Train Stations 

Installation Category

  • Jorge Alcaraz, Viasat
  • Valerie Goldbeck, Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard, Smithsonian American Art Museum 

·Living Wall Category

  • Lisa Ciccia, Verastem Oncology
  • Lisa Ciccia, Schireson 
  • Matt Hills, Colorado State University 
  • Vicky Poole, Echelon Senior Living 

Major Renovation Category

  • Jorge Alcaraz and Janice Nath, St. Therese Church
  • Lisa Filipiak, Towson Town Center 

Silk, Replica, & Preserved Category

  • JOanne Craft, Belle Provence Shangri-la
  • Yuko Frazier, Premium Outlet Edmonton Int'l Airport 

Special Event & Holiday Category

  • Charlee Storner, South Coast Plaza West Easter
  • JOanne Craft, Mountain Winter Wonderland 
  • Lisa Ciccia, Cumberland Farms 
  • Rita Patzold, South Coast Plaza - Lunar New Year 
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