Greenworks Commercial Levels up with Release of OptimusZ Mower Range

At Equip Expo, Greenworks Commercial unveiled the OptimusZ Range, a powerful line of commercial battery-powered zero-turn ride-on mowers.

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Greenworks Commercial
Greenworks Commercial

Greenworks Commercial unveiled the OptimusZ  Range, a powerful line of commercial battery-powered zero-turn ride-on mowers. 

The OptimusZ Range consists of:

  • 48-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch ride-on platforms with 18-kWh and 24k-Wh battery modules
  • 48-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch large stand-on platforms with 18-kWh and 24-kWh battery modules
  • 32-inch and 36-inch compact stand-on platforms with 8-kWh battery modules

Features of the OptimusZ  Ride-On zero-turn mower include:

  • It leverages a 24-kWh battery capable of up to eight hours of runtime. Landscapers can now confidently mow up to 21 acres on a single charge from sunrise to sunset at a top cut speed of 16 mph.
  • It operates with the equivalent power of a 65-hp gas engine and is equipped with three direct-drive cutting motors capable of achieving and sustaining a constant 19K FPM blade tip speed with up to 16 MPH cutting speed in any grass conditions. These motors intelligently adjust to various grass conditions to provide users with an unmatched quality of cut, every time. With the absence of pulleys and belts, this mower is virtually maintenance free.
  • It's engineered to handle any terrain, cutting along slopes of up to an astounding 25 degrees. The design features two low-profile hub drive motors in the rear wheels that constantly monitor and respond to changing conditions, providing adaptive traction control.
  • The “battery-first” design maximizes the space within the chassis, allowing for the battery to be housed directly beneath the rider, achieving a low center of gravity.
  • Comfort and safety features include 360-degree, high-intensity Halo lighting LED illumination, foldable rollover protection system, safe LFP lithium-ion battery technology, ultraquiet operation, built-in protective measures and unrivaled response time and user control.
  • The Green Shield system helps prevent theft, and the 4G/GPS connectivity comes standard across the entire OptimusZ Range enabling fleet management via the Greenworks Fleet Connect app anytime, from anywhere.

According to the company, incorporating OptimusZ into a fleet has a projected savings of $29,475 in year five, all with zero emissions.

Greenworks Commercial is also introducing battery-powered 32-inch and 36-inch compact stand-on mowers to its OptimusZ Range, featuring smaller deck sizes, providing landscapers more visibility around the mower and allowing them to fit in much tighter openings, all while eliminating maintenance and service, emissions and fumes. 

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