Rain Bird Helps Irrigate, Beautify Brazilian Sports Fields

Rain Bird has been the irrigation system partner for 13 newly constructed multi-sport and green-space venues in and around Rio de Janeiro.

In the last few years, Brazil has hosted several global multi-week sporting events. Rain Bird Corporation is excited to have been selected as the irrigation system partner for 13 newly constructed multi-sport and green-space venues in and around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With a focus on sustainability and Rain Bird’s commitment to The Intelligent Use of Water, these new venues offer the world’s best soccer, hockey and rugby player’s superior field conditions. Fans also get to enjoy beautiful, water-efficient green spaces in various sports complexes and city parks throughout. 

“We are very appreciative for the opportunity to have our irrigation systems help create beautiful green parks and sports fields for the people of Brazil to enjoy for years to come,” said JR Bergantino, director of Rain Bird International.

Some of the projects included are the Barra Athletes’ Housing Complex, Barra Sports Park Complex, the equestrian cross-country course, the field hockey, soccer and rugby pitches and Madureira Park. Each project had unique irrigation system requirements and challenges, and given the large size of most of these projects, the design and installation processes were complex. Rain Bird’s comprehensive line of commercial irrigation solutions addressed each of the projects’ challenges. Rain Bird Brazil’s sales and technical team worked alongside a strong network of experienced distributors and contractors to ensure each project was completed to a high standard.

The projects used a variety of Rain Bird products including R-VAN Adjustable Rotary Nozzles, EAGLE 900/950 Series Rotors, PGA and PESB Series Valves and over 25 miles of XFS Subsurface Dripline. We also installed Rain Bird ESP-LXME and ESP-LXD Controllers and the WS-PRO LT Weather Station to ensure the correct amount of water is distributed, even with unexpected weather changes.

“Working on these projects has been an honor for our team,” said Marcelo Zlochevsky, Rain Bird’s national manager for landscaping and agriculture. “We are proud to say that in Brazil, companies in the sports field industry view Rain Bird as the technical reference expert.  We look forward to supporting many more projects in the years to come.”