Whispering Is the Name, Quiet Is Not the Game

Residents near Whispering Pine Landscape Supply Yard say the business is ruining their quality of life.

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On March 20, the Somers Zoning Board of Appeals will continue a hearing on a year-long battle between Whispering Pine Landscape Supply Co. and residents of three towns claiming the loud, intrusive activities at the business are ruining their lives and neighborhoods.

Whispering Pine Landscape sits at the intersection of Mahopac, Yorktown and Somers, New York, and has drawn bitterness from residents in all three towns.

Approximately 18 years ago, the Whispering Pine business—owned by the Kuck family since 1956—split into two entities: Whispering Pine Garden Center and Florist, owned by Kathleen Kuck, and Whispering Pine Landscape Supply Co., owned by Thomas Kuck. Although the businesses are on the same property, they operate independently. Residents’ noise complaints are directed solely at the landscaping business.

Thomas Kuck and his attorney, Linda Whitehead, declined to discuss the complaints against the business. Gerald Reilly, attorney for the town of Somers and Somers Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA), also declined to comment. The ZBA members have also chosen to avoid discussion.

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