More Complaints about Company Mowing Yards without Permission, Placing Lien on Properties

The letter threatened that Golden Pylon will mow and landscape the yard, and place a lien on the property.

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A company called Golden Pylon has identified several houses for mowing and landscaping by them. The problem is the property owners have not given this Florida company permission to do anything.

"I did not hire them," said Sylvia Mckay, "I don't know them."

Yet Mckay, who owns a rental house in Arlington, Florida, received a certified letter from Golden Pylon warning her to clean up her property. 

"I thought it was from the city, but it wasn't. It was from a place [called] Golden Pylon," she said.

The letter instructed her that if she fails to respond in 10 days, Golden Pylon will mow and landscape her yard, and place a lien on her property.

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