NatureShield All-Natural Pest Repellant

American Hydro Systems all-natural pest repellant is designed to rid yards of a number of different insects.

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American Hydro Systems NatureShield all-natural pest repellant is formulated with a blend of natural essential oils to control a number of different insects including mosquiptos, ants, ticks, fleas and flying insects. American Hydro Systems says that unlike chemical pesticides, NatureShield is not harmful to pets or children.

  • EPA-exempt product, no need for warning flags in yards that it has been applied in
  • Created from natural sources, including cinnamon, garlic, castor and cedar oils
  • Applied every the sprinklers turn on, which allows for a continuous layer of protection with the American Hydro System ProFeeder liquid injection system
  • The product has multiple uses, it can also be applied with pump sprayer, hose-end sprayer and spray rigs
  • Can be applied in combination with other American Hydro Systems products ncluding Rid O' Rust and GrassSoGreen
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