Canadian Ad Campaign Attacks Pesticides

Ad campaign warns against the dangers of pesticides as ban approaches.

In a story that originally appeared on, it stated that this will be the last summer Manitobans will be allowed legally to use synthetic pesticides to control weeds. Starting with the 2015 lawn care season, Manitoba will join several other Canadian jurisdictions in banning the sale and use of chemical pesticides. The ban is being introduced as the province cites scientific studies showing "associations" between pesticide use and adverse health effects.

An advertising campaign designed to highlight the dangers of lawn and garden pesticides has been launched physicians, environmentalists and animal welfare authorities.

While penalties for breaking the ban have yet to be announced, they would be directed primarily at retailers and professional applicators rather than homeowners. Homeowners themselves would be granted a one-year grace period after the law is in place before facing any penalties.

The Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers is arguing against the ban.

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