Organic Lawns Taking Over Ohio

Organic-based lawn care not growing as fast as some want, but consumer interest keeps building.

Radio station WKSU recently did a story on the growing interest in organic-based lawn care in Ohio. Once appealing to only the most environmentally conscious of consumers, organic lawn care could be on the verge of becoming mainstream … or could it?

The story says that signs noting organic-based lawn care are popping up in yards all over central Ohio. More contractors are offering it, and more homeowners are requesting it. The story also points out that organic lawn care can cost a bit more than traditional lawn care, and generally takes much longer to work. But patient homeowners who’ve made the switch are seeing favorable results.

Products such as corn gluten meal, molasses, seaweed, kelp and compost are helping to improve soil health. That, in turn, helps to create thicker, stronger turf—which is the best defense against weeds and pests.

Again, the biggest challenge is the patience one must exhibit before seeing the results they are hoping for. To that end, it’s important for contractors looking to sell organic-based services to really play the role of educator. Contractors must help consumers see the bigger picture. When using an organic-based approach to lawn care, you’re not just looking to kill weeds and pests, you’re looking to improve the health of soils and turf, and that takes some time and discipline.