New Landscaping Company Has an Eco-Friendly Approach

Jesus Cruz, a resident of Southhold Long Island, started his own landscaping business with the environment in mind.

Jesus Cruz, a resident of Southhold Long Island, started his own landscaping business with the environment in mind. Cruz said in a recent article in Southhold Local, that he wants his business to leave what he calls a "transparent impact", with an eye toward protecting natural resources. Cruz and his colleague Allan Martinez opened EcoOrganic Landscaping LLC this year, which serves the entire North Fork area. 

The goal of EcoOrganic Landscaping LLC is to provide customers with expert advice and full disclosure through the process of their landscape design and lawn care programs. Cruz wants to create well-landscaped properties that go on to increase the home's value and appeal, all while working to be more eco-friendly without the use of toxic products. According to Cruz the plants and grass that they install provide cleaner air and cooler temperatures in the summer, and a well maintained lawn will improve drainage and reduce soil erosion. 

“Attention to detail and use of safe products is what makes us different from the others,” Cruz said.

EcoOrganic Landscaping LLC offers a full range of landscaping services, when they get a new client they first asses the property and the client's budget to create a design. They provide recommendations on which plants would do best in the clients property and prepare the soil by using a mix of non-toxic products, to enable the transition of the plants to be stress free. The services that they provide have a long term impact in mind, their programs insure that plants will continue to flourish for years to come. Cruz said an important factor for him is making a difference and preserving the environment for future generations. 

EcoOrganic Landscaping offers fast and friendly service from initial design, installation and maintenance with state of the art equipment to help build and maintain beautiful landscapes. They promote alternative, organic fertilizers, organic seeds, organic insecticides and pesticides, with weed control done “the old-fashioned way, by hand”. The soil used is an organic blend of compost, aged bark, peat, and topsoil. EcoOrganic Landscaping also offers different types of compost mixture, mulch and bark chips, as well as aggregates, decorative stone, river rock, crushed stone, sand, gravel, decorative landscape boulders, and retaining stone walls.

“We take pride in promoting cleaner ways to keep the Long Island area landscapes beautiful while decreasing the damage to the ecosystems,” Cruz said. “We see it as Mother Nature has given us this land to make beautiful, so let’s give Mother Nature a gift in return; cleaner air, cleaner creeks, rivers, and lakes.”