The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Marketing

When done right, social media marketing can lead to more customers and higher sales. Adhere to the following dos and don'ts.

Social media marketing is a great way to get your business’s name, products and services in front of potential and existing customers. When done right, social media marketing can lead to more customers and higher sales. Adhere to the following dos and don’ts.

Do Be Predictable

You want people to know that they’re going to get a message from you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (whatever days you decide). So create a distribution schedule and stick with it. If necessary, put reminders on your calendar so you remember to post your messages on those days.

Don’t Abandon Traditional Marketing

Don’t assume that you can abandon everything outside of the social media-marketing realm once you start seeing success. Social media marketing is just one part of a marketing plan that attracts people to your products and services. It’s useful and inexpensive, but you also need the credibility and marketing from other traditional publicity tools, such as newspapers, mailers, radio and television commercials.

Do Follow the Right Format for Posts

Be sure that your posts include helpful advice, insightful tips or unique trends that your followers will learn from. This kind of information will grab their attention and make them want more. The more helpful and unique your messages are, the more interest you will generate, thus bringing more people back to your website and/or store.

Do Send Contacts to Your Website

The goal of your posts is to not only reach your target audience and help solve their problems, but also to drive them back to your website to sell your products or services. It’s important to include your website at the end of all posts so visitors who want more information know where to go.

Do Devote Time to Social Media Marketing

Individuals who are successful with social media marketing spend an average of five to seven hours per week developing and working within their network. It’s not always about the number of posts or contacts you make, but how targeted and quality they are.

Do Make Sure Profile is 100% Complete

You won’t be ranked in the social media searches unless your profile is 100% complete. A photo for your profile accounts for 20-40% of your ranking, so if you don’t include a picture, you’re setting yourself up for failure. If you want your message to spread through the Internet, make sure your profile is complete.

Don’t Be Negative in Posts

It’s better to deliver a positive message in your online marketing because people are bombarded with negative messages every day—and you don’t want to get lost in the mix. Be the one positive thing in their day so they look forward to reading your next post.

Pam Lontos is president of PR/PR, a public relations firm that works with speakers, authors and experts. Contact her at [email protected] or (407) 299-6128. To receive free publicity tips, go to and register for a monthly eNewsletter.