Quick Tip from Clements: Success Comes from Repetition

Keep your business on the minds of customers by reaching out often.

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Repetition is how we learn. It is how we get our business in front of people and stay top-of-mind. The potential customer may not choose you, but if you are the first person they think of, you have a higher probability of getting that business in the future. If they think about changing the dealer they currently use, you want to be the first person they think of.

Our primary goal with new customers is not to get all of the business, but some of it. If you start getting some of the business and you do well, you will attract even more business.

Reach out repeatedly

The magic number is six. We know that if you are in front of a new prospective customer six times over a short period, you will have a high probability (62%) that the person who has never given you their business before will start to give you their business. 

There are numerous ways you can reach out to a customer, including a thank you note, phone call, events, email, advertising and a personal visit. However you decide to do it, be sure you reach out and “touch” the customer six ways in six months.

If you think of how many interactions or touch points you have had in the past 12 months with your best customer, you will have had a lot. Think about that average customer and if you are even close to touching them the same amount of times. Now think about your potential customers and how many times you have touched them.

We know statistically that most dealers will stop at three. If you only touch them three times over a year, it is not likely that you will gain their business. Commit to reaching out to potential customers frequently and you could see them turn into regular customers for life.

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