How To Surround Perfect Prospects with Marketing

Consumer behaviors and legal parameters are forcing a change in how small businesses go about acquiring new customers – QUICK TIPS from GreenMark Consulting Group.

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Today’s business environment demands that companies receive permission to market and sell. It is having a huge impact on acquiring new customers because what you did in the past is no longer enough—and perhaps even illegal.

Given this landscape, successful businesses are using online (website, blogs, social media) to surround their prospective customers, creating awareness and gaining permission. A smart approach is to use both covert (create impressions without directly selling) and overt (direct touches with potential customers) tactics.

Here are three steps to take to begin surrounding prospects with marketing.

1. Define your sweet spot – and go after it

Once you have clarity on your company's brand and core offer, the next task is to identify potential customers with unmet or under-met needs, along with their financial ability to buy. These targeted accounts are known as your “sweet spot” or “perfect customers”. This is the group to target in all initial marketing and sales efforts.

First, separate the commercial customers from the consumer (homeowners). Why? Selling to commercial clients is ultimately about competitive advantage, i.e. how does your offer improve theirs. Selling to consumers is all about lifestyle, i.e. how does your offer enhance what they and others think.

Here is a rundown of some important information you need to find out about a prospective customer.


Demographics = physical characteristics of the business, its “persona”

  • Name and location
  • Industry
  • Years in business
  • Revenue
  • Employees
  • 3-year growth
  • Credit rating

Psychographics = character of the company

  • Vision, mission and values
  • Brands
  • Marketing approach
  • Selling methods
  • Core customers
  • Core products and services
  • Service reputation

Competitive Advantage = what value does the customer receive from doing business with you?

  • Your brand image
  • Marketing reach
  • Selling ability
  • Productivity improvements
  • Cost reduction
  • Service reputation
  • Cash flow management
  • Human resources


Demographics = physical characteristics of the individual

  • Name
  • Salary
  • Location
  • Disposal income
  • Size of household

Psychographics = emotional characteristics of the individual

  • Type of house / neighborhood
  • Age and type of car(s) owned
  • Award programs
  • Disposal income
  • Schools children attend
  • Political affiliation

Competitive Advantage = what value does the customer receive from your core services? Are your services:

  • Smart
  • Frugal
  • Chic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Outdoorsy?

Identifying your perfect customer is an important step in your business planning and branding process. Then you should consider buying market research to eliminate any assumptions, because too much depends on this information.

2. Understand your brand’s awareness

The goal of marketing is to create brand awareness in the marketplace, which helps to build a preference for the company and its offer. Marketing drives the sales process by increasing inbound traffic and increasing the number of qualified leads in the sales funnel.

It is essential to understand how customers perceive your brand so you know how to make improvements and strengthen your position. There are several simple and low-cost methods to conducting a thorough and accurate market study. Consultancy firms like GreenMark Consulting Group can help.

Based on the results of your market study, you can determine how aware your perfect customers are of your company:

  • Unknown – don’t know you exist, no inbound calls, and never considered in their buying process
  • Known – know you exist, might call you, and you might be considered in their buying process
  • Preferred – know about your brand, good balance between inbound and outbound calls, and part of their buying decision
  • Top of Mind – have an existing relationship, more inbound calls to you than out to them, and your company is their first choice

3. Plotting the perfect customer’s molecule

Instead of wasting time and money purchasing generic mailing lists, plot each perfect customer’s molecule and focus your efforts on their existing relationships. Plotting is nothing more than drawing a picture of the places they do business, their association memberships, etc.


  • Professional & Trade Associations
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Legal & Insurance
  • Finance & Banking
  • Office Management
  • Healthcare


  • Professional & Trade Associations
  • Social & Religious Associations
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Hobbies
  • Legal & Insurance
  • Finance & Banking
  • Office Management
  • Healthcare

Plotting each perfect customer’s molecule helps you answer the question: How do I surround them?

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