New E-Commerce Tool for Landscaping Businesses

USAGardenCare is similar to, allows businesses to sell products and services online.

A new e-commerce portal, similar to, has been developed for people in the landscaping business. allows any landscaping-related business—including both service contractors and suppliers—to sell their goods and services 24/7. USAGardenCare says its site is ideal for lawn and garden maintenance, pool/sauna installation or servicing, decking and fencing, irrigation, nurseries, bulk gardening supplies like topsoil, and everything in between.

USAGardenCare is not a referral site like Angie’s List or Amazon Home. It is an e-commerce site where actual transactions take place. USAGardenCare takes a 5% commission. That said, there are no start-up costs or monthly fees. Additionally, USAGardenCare says it does not differentiate between small and large businesses. All businesses receive the same treatment.

HOW IT WORKS. Homeowners and businesses looking for landscaping and gardening products and supplies search

When they find a product or service they like, they click to see if it's available in their area by entering their zip code. If it is, they can hit "buy now" and pay. The vendor will receive payment immediately and USAGardenCare will take a 5% commission.

Once a homeowner or business pays, USAGardenCare will work with both the vendor and buyer to schedule a delivery, service or pick-up time. Some products can be mailed, if desired.

HOW BUSINESSES CAN SELL THEIR PRODUCTS. Businesses (vendors) interested in listing their services and/or products can fill out the USAGardenCare vendor registration.

Once approved, companies upload their product and services, descriptions, photos, pricing and targeted area using zip codes.

OFFICIAL LAUNCH BY SPRING. is already online but the official launch to consumers is scheduled for March 20.