TARYL'S TECH TIPS: Lawnmower Quality of Cut

4 reasons your mower might not be mowing as spectacularly as it should.

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Wondering why your mower isn't providing the high quality of cut you're used to? It could be a few different things.

Let's start with the most obvious: dull blades. You have to keep your blades sharp. The amount of grass a commercial lawn care business cuts in one week is more than the average homeowner cuts in an entire season.

Next is tire pressure. Uneven tire pressure or a low tire can result in an uneven cut, so check your tire pressure regularly.

A bent blade or bent deck shell can hinder cut quality. Have you hit something solid lately? If you have, the force transfer might have bent the blade and also the deck. To check for this, position your blades under the deck tip-to-tip. They should line up evenly. If they don't, your deck is bent. One way to repair it is to beat it back with a big hammer to where the blades line up even again. Otherwise, you'll have to buy a new deck.

Fourthly, blade spindle speed will slow down from a loose or worn belt, resulting in a poor cut. So inspect those belts on a regular basis.

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