Hedgetrimmer Safety Tips

Follow these basic safety principles to get the most productivity out of your hedgetrimmer.

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A high-quality hedge trimmer is durable, powerful and smooth, making hard work seem almost effortless. As an operator, it’s important to remain vigilant when it comes to safety—and not allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security. While many of today’s hedge trimmers are designed to be safer than ever, there’s little standing in the way of careless operation.

Basic Safety Precautions. Place your hedge trimmer on the ground and hold it down with your left hand, as opposed to your foot. You’ll obviously then use your free hand to start the hedge trimmer, but never wrap the starter cord around that free hand.

Make sure nobody comes closer than 40 or 45 feet from you while the hedge trimmer is running. Never work from a ladder or stool, etc. Always maintain a solid base with your legs comfortably spaced. Use both hands to hold the hedge trimmer, and keep your hands, legs and feet away from the blades while the engine is running.

You also want to keep an eye out for things you don’t want to cut. We’re talking about stones, sticks and other debris, in addition to electrical cables. If you do hit an unintended object, stop the machine as quickly as possible.

Safety attire includes eye protection, hearing protection, non-slip shoes or boots, long pants and work gloves.

Basic Operator Tips. Work with a swinging, bottom-up action when trimming sides. Avoid extending your arms out in front of your body as your balance will be compromised. Don’t rush—work steadily until the hedge is cut evenly.

Read your safety manual! This is just a quick overview of basic safe operating procedures. As always—read, understand and follow the instructions in your safety instruction manual, along with the various safety symbols and warnings that appear throughout the manual and on the product itself.