10 Most Popular Products This Spring

A look at the 10 most-viewed products in our online product guide through the first four months of 2014.

This vintage front-mount mower packed a lot of horsepower, but didn't quite make our list.
This vintage front-mount mower packed a lot of horsepower, but didn't quite make our list.

Spring is finally upon us. The sound of snowplows scraping the road has given way to the buzz of lawn equipment and the smell of mulch and freshly cut grass.

Here’s a look at the 10 most popular lawn care and landscaping products in the Green Industry Pros Online Product Guide through the first four months of this year. Seems like mowers are on a lot of people’s minds this spring.

Raptor SD Mower from Hustler Turf. Bridges the gap between the entry-level zero-turn and prosumer zero-turn markets.

Commercial 30 Walk Mower from Exmark. With a 30-inch cut width, this mower offers 43% more cut area per pass.

Z700-Series Mower from Kubota. Specifically designed for turf care professionals looking for a high-quality, dependable mower at a competitive price point.

Professional Landscape Trailer Accessories from Buyers Products. A complete line of accessories for organizing, securing and transporting landscaping tools.

Replacement Parts Catalog from Rotary. Over 9,000 different outdoor power equipment parts, tools and accessories.

IS 2100Z Mower Lineup from Ferris. Six models with 52- or 61-inch decks.

FS 94 R Professional Trimmer from Stihl. New for 2014, this trimmer offers features to simplify landscaping tasks in a powerful 2-stroke engine package.

Entry-Level Commercial Mower from BOB-CAT. The XRZ is a zero-turn mower developed for commercial contractors who are new to the professional landscape maintenance industry.

8000 Series Direct Collect Z Mowers from Toro. These mowers feature a high-capacity hopper with a powerful blower to capture clippings efficiently.

ZT Zero-Turn Mowers for homeowners from Gravely. These mowers feature a precision cutting system that will deliver a landscape appearance that’s up to professional standards.