Scag and Safety Equipment Top the List of Must-Haves in Indy

From season to season, Goodin Ground Maintenance has your service needs covered with a range of landscaping equipment.

Goodin Ground Maintenance has been in business for 15 years, covering Indianapolis and its surrounding counties.
Goodin Ground Maintenance has been in business for 15 years, covering Indianapolis and its surrounding counties.

Company Name: Goodin Ground Maintenance

Owner: David Goodin

Location: Greenfield, Indiana

Years in Business: 15 years

Geographical Coverage: Indianapolis and surrounding counties

Type of Clients: Homeowners’ associations, condos, industrial, retail and medical

Services Rendered: Mowing, landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, lawn maintenance and snow removal

David Goodin, owner of the versatile Goodin Ground Maintenance, categorizes the equipment currently on his trailer by the type needed for each service he provides. When it comes to mowing and lawn maintenance, he says, “Scag mowers last the longest and cut the best,” whereas “STIHL handheld equipment is not only lightweight, but packs lots of power.” He also likes the fact that STIHL handhelds are quieter than comparable equipment on the market.

For landscaping projects, he prefers Caterpillar equipment because he finds it user-friendly and comfortable enough to operate all day. If it’s lawn care his clients are seeking, though, then it’s fortunate that his trailer is equipped with an L.T. Rich Products or Z-Spray fertilizer sprayer. He says, “It’s the best commercial fertilizer machine on the market. The productivity of this machine blows the competition out of the water.”

While Goodin confesses that he doesn’t really have a favorite piece of equipment, he admits that the brand he buys again and again is Scag Power Equipment. In fact, of all of his equipment, it’s the brand that he has the most of—including more than 25 pieces. While all of his Scag mowers are 60 inches or larger, he likes the Turf Tiger zero-turn riding mowers the best. “They seem to last us for several thousand hours with minimal breaks. Plus, the Kawasaki 29-HP fuel injection motor helps power through the tall, wet, thick grass in the spring.”

“I have run Scag equipment from day one. Through the years, we have run some other brands, but Scag has just outperformed the rest for us. Scag mowers simply cut all grass,” he concludes. Furthermore, Goodin believes in Scag not only because its equipment is built for the industry, but also because the company stands behind its product.

Besides Scag mowers, there is one other piece of equipment that Goodin thinks is especially critical to have on the trailer—safety cones. Goodin’s motto is: “Home safe tonight. At the end of the day, safety is our priority and cones play a big part of ensuring everyone gets home safe at night.”