Briggs Gets Patent on Integrated Steering Suspension System

Five models of Ferris commercial mowers feature single-belt drive system with suspension technology for smoother operation with precision movement.

Briggs & Stratton recently received a patent — now available on Ferris commercial mower models, IS 3200Z, IS 2100Z, IS 2600Z, IS 700Z and IS 600Z — for integrating a single-belt transmission drive system with suspension technology. This new system utilizes rigid control system linkages which results in smooth operation with precision movement use after use, the company assures. Additionally, with no motion-control cables, reliability has also been enhanced.

These models also feature Ferris’ patented mower suspension technology which helps improve operator comfort and productivity.

“The proof is in the ride and the cut,” says Bill Shea, vice president of commercial sales for the Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group. “This technology did not come without its challenges, but our customers will reap the benefits both on their bottom-ends and bottom-lines.”

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