Cordless Lawn Mowers Are Cutting Their Way into Dewalt's Lineup

Dewalt is following the trend of cordless outdoor power equipment with its new cordless lawn mowers.

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The trend of cordless outdoor power equipment encompasses all types of tools—from leaf blowers to lawn mowers. Dewalt has introduced two new cordless lawn mowers, one is powered by their 20V MAX and 20V/60V Flexvolt battery platform, which is the same battery that runs their cordless power tool lineup.

Available early 2018 for $399 with battery.

The Dewalt DCMW220P2 cordless mower is powered by two of their 20V MAX batteries. The batteries work with over 100 of their tools and products. Designed for contractor use, this mower is an ideal choice for homeowners who already have a collection of Dewalt 20V MAX tools. For heavy duty use the new 40V Dewalt DCMW290H1 is an smart choice.

They both offer a 20-inch metal deck, a folding handle for upright storage and carrying handles for easy transportation. They can mulch, bag or rear discharge grass clippings. Additionally, the 2x20V MAX mower features an on-deck LED light board, which signals state-of-charge for each pack and indicates when a recharge is needed.

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