Cub Cadet Announces Expansion of PRO Series Offerings

New stand-on mower, bagger and EFI engine options

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Cub Cadet
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Cub Cadet announced updates to and new offerings in its PRO Series commercial lineup. From an addition to the PRO X series of stand-on mowers to a bagger that lives up to its promises and expanded EFI engine options, the list of Cub Cadet professional offerings continues to grow. 

PRO X 636

The PRO X 636 is the latest addition to the PRO X series line of stand-on mowers and offers the same great strength, comfort and performance as the rest of the PRO X series models. The versatile deck size allows landscapers to be nimble in small spaces like gated properties and maneuvering around obstacles.

“We spent more than two years designing our PRO X series, each version of the unit tweaked and updated based on direct feedback from professionals in the field,” said Aaron Griffith, national sales manager for Cub Cadet. “We designed the PRO X 636 to include some of the best features from our stand-on mowers — the same deck lift, adjustable pads and transmission — but we changed up the configurations to fit everything in a smaller package.”

The PRO X 636 has a two-year, no-hour-limit warranty and will be available at Cub Cadet independent retailers in early 2021.

PRO PCS 1900 Power Collection System

The PRO PCS 1900 bagger was designed to be a powerful attachment that provides optimal performance. The bagger features a 19-inch-wide impeller housing, one of the largest in the industry, along with tool-free conversion from bagging to side discharge for quick convenience.

Some of the most unique features of the PRO PCS 1900 include optimized tube geometry designed to keep the CMFs high and move grass through the tube to prevent plugging. Cub Cadet also added a rubber seal where the tube mounts into the bagger, which prevents blowout, especially during dry conditions. Mesh tops and screening on the bags also help prevent blowout and handles make dumping even easier.      

The PRO PCS 1900 will be available at dealers in September 2020.

PRO Series with EFI options

Cub Cadet electronic fuel-injected (EFI) engines set new standards in strength and power. EFI provides reliable starting, fuel efficiency when you need it most. The PRO X 654, PRO X 660, PRO Z 960 L, PRO Z 972 L and PRO Z 972 SDL will be available with EFI engines.

The Kawasaki EFI is an advanced, electronically controlled open-loop system that uses real-time feedback to sense usage conditions and instantly control combustion to give you optimal power output and superior fuel efficiency

The PRO Z units with EFI engine options will be available at dealers starting in March 2021.