Kubota Adds To Its One Stop Shop For Commercial Landscapers

New walk-behind mowers, new tires and new grass catchers to increase performance and uptime

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Building on the concept of being a one-stop-shop of equipment solutions for today’s busy commercial landscaper, Kubota unveiled its new line of W Series Hydro Walk Behind Mowers and new product enhancements within two of its zero-turn lines, all of which are designed to reduce costs and maximize uptime.

No Debris Left Behind and No Flats

First up, Kubota has released the all-new Power Grass Catcher for the Z400 Series 54- and 60-in. mower deck zero-turn models. Engineered for both residential users who want outstanding professional level mowing results and landscapers who demand durability and top performance at a faster speed to reduce time on the job. With an all-steel blower construction and 10-bushel carrying capacity, the Power Grass Catcher leaves no debris behind as it easily takes on top-level mowing performance even with the most challenging mowing tasks.

Earlier in 2021, Kubota introduced two new models to the Z400 Series: the Z412KW48, Z422KW-54 and Z422KWT-60. The latest models come standard with 6.5-inch-wide front caster tires and a deluxe adjustable suspension seat with 3 in. of travel designed to maximize operator comfort. In addition, the mowers performance is made possible by an exclusive Hydro-Gear ZT-3600 transmission, 24-in. low profile rear tires, and 22-24 hp Kawasaki engines. The series features durable 48-, 54- or 60-in. decks, providing superior cut quality for a variety of property sizes across different turf and terrain for professionals and homeowners alike.

To build on performance, Kubota has introduced factory-installed Michelin X Tweel Turf airless radial tires on its 54- and 60-in. deck Z781 mowers powered by Kawasaki FX EFI engines. Tweels are designed to eliminate service time caused by flat tires and unseated beads. The spokes offer lateral stability on hillsides, sloped surfaces, and even when traveling over curbs and bumps.

New Hydro Walk-Behind Mower with Improved Ergonomics

With new ergonomic controls, new floating deck design and larger tires, Kubota is offering its new W Series Hydro Walk-Behind Mowers in three new models – the WHF14NC-36-2, WHF15NC-48-2, and WHF19NC-52-2. Each are built to optimize power and cutting width so that mower speed and horsepower increase with each deck size option, across the 36-, 48- or 56-inch decks.