First Robotic Lawn Mowers from STIHL Provide Easy, High-Performance Lawn Care

The flexible, customized programming of the STIHL iMow provides lawn mowing without all the work.

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According to STIHL, its iMow RMI 422 P and RMI 632 P deliver a beautifully manicured lawn with little to no effort by quietly and efficiently mowing lawns for you. The company says these smart mowers are additionally highlighted by:

  • The ability to automatically mow on a regular basis, while handling thick, rough grass and slopes up to 24 degrees with the RMI 632 P and 22 degrees with the RMI 422 P.
  • The power to handle from 1/4 acre to 1 acre with a durable, double-sided steel blade, adjustable cutting heights and STIHL battery technology.
  • An integrated battery and outdoor docking station.
  • Quiet operation for flexibility of early-morning or nighttime use, ideal for noise-sensitive areas.
  • Automatic charging due to an intelligent charging system that finds the optimal balance between getting the job done and maintaining battery charge by automatically returning to its charging station and charging at the optimal charge rate as needed.
  • Mulching mower functionality, which generates less dust than a traditional mower, returns nutrients and moisture back to the soil for a healthier lawn, and is beneficial for air quality and those with allergies.
  • Auto-adjust capability, so whether mowing is manually skipped or delayed due to weather, the iMow compensates, making up lost time later in the week.
  • A built-in rain sensor to delay mowing when raining, return to outdoor docking station until sensor is dry and automatically resume mowing plan.
  • Smart safety technology—if someone attempts to lift or tip the iMow, the mowing blade is designed to stop and only resume mowing when manually instructed by the user.
  • An anti-theft system with user-chosen security PIN to prevent a change in settings.
  • Automated and customizable features, such as an intelligent hood sensor to allow the iMow to work around solid objects, flexible programming, automatic charging and more.
  • An edge mowing option to get a clean cut along the edges of your mowing area.
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